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What is a Leader of Tomorrow?

The Leader of Tomorrow Award (LoT) is a prestigious $5,000 scholarship within the Merit Award Bursary Program awarded annually to three exceptional grade 12 students. The award aims to recognize and support outstanding individuals who exhibit exemplary leadership qualities, academic excellence, and a strong commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Our LoTs

Annually, we carefully review applications from more than 700 candidates and designate up to 3 exceptional young Canadians as Leaders of Tomorrow. 


The selection process places emphasis on integrity, courage, compassion, perseverance, and a robust personal drive. We highly value candidates who have demonstrated the ability to overcome challenges, excel academically, engage in volunteering, display notable community initiative, and showcase a deep commitment to personal growth.


At present, our community is made up of 16 devoted leaders. Click here to learn more about them and their inspiring journeys.

What does being named LoT mean?

  1. $5,000 Bursary: Recipients of the LoT Award will receive a $5,000 bursary, distributed over three years to support their educational journey.

  2. Access to Merit Network: LoTs have the opportunity to meet Merit Board Members and other associates, expanding their network and connections.

  3. Mentorship: LoTs receive 1:1 mentorship throughout their first year in the Program, enhancing their personal and professional growth.

  4. Exclusive events: LoTs are invited to unique networking opportunities with fellow LoTs and others.

What are the LoT Eligibility Requirements?

You must be in grade 12. 


Otherwise, the eligibility criteria for LoT align with those of other Merit applications. We've deliberately avoided incorporating additional requirements to ensure inclusivity. 


Please be aware that personal difficulties and challenges, including financial situations, will be accorded substantial attention. Your contributions to family well-being and work-related experiences will also be taken into account. Displaying dedication to your future and community can manifest in diverse ways. Therefore, we do not impose a specific minimum grade requirement. We genuinely strive to comprehend your circumstances and the adversities you have successfully navigated.

What Do I Commit To as a Leader of Tomorrow?

If you're interested in being considered for the LoT program, it is important to understand the commitments and requirements associated with it. Please note that the time commitment averages approximately 5 hours per month over a period of 4 years. As a LoT, you are expected to:


  • Represent the LoT Program during your undergraduate years, aiding in its development and assisting with organizing events held approximately every 2 months.

  • During the first 2 years of university, be mentored by a senior LoT; in the subsequent 2 years, take on the role of mentoring a junior LoT, requiring a monthly commitment of 1 hour.

  • Participate as a speaker on the LoT Panel during the annual Merit Alumni Event and Merit Awards Ceremony.

  • Be featured in Merit's newsletter and articles, including interviews for Merit-related content.

  • Take part in bi-yearly feedback sessions aimed at enhancing the LoT program.

  • Attend summer and winter LoT dinners, as well as other gatherings throughout the year.

  • Participate in Merit PR campaigns as needed.

  • Review yearly LoT applications and help with the final selection process (restricted to senior LoTs in the third and fourth years).

  • If interested, lead the LoT program as an advisory board chair.

  • If interested, choose to remain involved as an Alumni in various capacities within Merit after completing the 4-year commitment.


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