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How to Apply

We're looking for students

just like you. 

Every year we award over 300 grade 11 and 12

students in the Greater Toronto Area with

up to $5,000 in recognition of their commitment

to both their academics and their community.

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For Students

What some might call "extenuating circumstances", we call your life story. It's unique to you and that's exactly what we're looking for.


The Merit Award doesn't have grade cut-offs or firm definitions on things like "extra-curricular". We're looking to understand who you are, what you've overcome to pursue your education and how you've been a positive force for others on the way.

Receiving a Merit Award isn't just a bursary. It's a badge of recognition as well as lifelong access to our Alumni resources from mentorship programs to leadership opportunities and more. 

You've already done the work, it's time to be recognized!

For Students
Important dates
For Teachers
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Copy of Merit Alumni Backgrounds (3)_edited_edited_edited.png

For Teachers

Your vote of confidence can make

a world of difference. 

Encourage your students to apply

for a Merit Award. 

Students are far more likely to apply

when encouraged by a trusted adult or peer.

Our team of volunteers is also ready for school visits (COVID-19 permitting) and class talks.


We have an annual toolkit with everything you need

to spread the word about applying for the

Merit Award.


Being selected as a recipient of the Merit award prior to my senior year really gave the confidence boost I needed to take

on the obstacles I would face.

Jarred Laganas

Merit Award Recipient

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