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Holiday Matching Campaign

THANK YOU to everyone who supported Merit Award Recipients during our 2023 Holiday Matching Campaign.

With matching funds, we were able to raise more than $103,000 to create Opportunity for Students in the GTA


"Being a merit award recipient means that I am able to pursue my education in Mechatronics Engineering at a top university.

Merit’s financial support enables me to access a much higher level of the real-world engineering experiences I had been able to gain through my participation in high school robotics.


As a merit LoT recipient, I am supported with mentors and a wide network to help guide me throughout my career pursuit.


I am both excited and grateful to be awarded the opportunity to grow into a leader and extend this mentorship to my younger peers interested in the STEM fields and beyond!

Thank you very much."

WO november 20.jpg


“In 2019 I was one of three Leader of Tomorrow recipients selected to receive $5,000 from Merit towards tuition. Back then this number was unimaginable to me. To put it into perspective, my family of three had a total income of $40,000 a year and here I was getting $5,000 just for me, and for my education.

I can’t describe to you the feeling of having a financial burden like that lifted. It was like winning the lottery. But I can tell you that you don’t realize you haven’t really taken a deep breath, until the day you finally do.”


The Perfect Tribute Gift: The Gift of Education

The holidays may be over; however, you can always make a Tribute gift to honour a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Let us know and we'll send a card to the Honoree.


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