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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. 


Ways to get involved 


Help grow the organization's impact.


Have a say

in who receives a bursary.




Put your imprint on one of our special events. 


Give recipients 

the benefit of

your experience. 

Volunteer Principles & Portal

Connect with business leaders.

Be a mentor,

be a mentee.

A portal to career


Guide Merit's


Merit Alumni Backgrounds (3).png
Copy of Merit Alumni Backgrounds (3)_edited_edited_edited.png

We've created volunteer guidelines

in an effort to clearly state

what our expectations are of you and what you, as a volunteer, can expect from us.

Volunteer Principles

Copy of Merit Alumni Backgrounds (3)_edited_edited.png

Volunteer Portal

We've created a volunteer form that helps match your skill set and availability to the many volunteer projects we have through out the year.


Being selected as a recipient of the Merit award prior to my senior year really gave the confidence boost I needed to take on the obstacles I would face.

Jarred Laganas

Merit Award Recipient

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