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Where can I find more opportunities? (Updated 2021)

There are so many people and organizations across Toronto, Ontario and Canada who are rooting for your success. Here's a list of opportunities and programs you may be interested in.

Merit is committed to empowering the continued success of all alumni. Below you’ll find a growing list of opportunities and resources to look into, but first and foremost, stay in touch with Merit! As we expand our programming and alumni opportunities, you won’t want to miss a thing.

TIP: Pay attention to age limitations and application dates as you look into these and other opportunities! You’ll find that “youth” is rarely defined as “below 18”, it often refers to below 25, or even below 35.

Websites that feature opportunities in the social sector:

  • Charity Village

  • Idealist

  • Volunteer Toronto

  • Work in Non Profits

  • Canada Service Corps

  • Centre for Social Innovation job board

  • Work in Culture

Toronto-focused opportunities:

  • Merit Award: Come volunteer!

  • Civic Action: Emerging Leaders Network: A network to develop, connect and activate future leaders of the GTA. They host fun monthly networking events.

  • SELECT Climate Program: A green leadership program run out of the School for Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Innovate My Future: A program that encourages youth to take action on climate issues in the GTA.

  • Points of Empathy: A program that aims to build empathy and community by training youth in storytelling and podcasting.

  • Girls on Boards: Places young women on governance boards of nonprofits across Canada.

  • Girls Action: A variety of programs that foster young female leadership.

  • Taking It Global Rising Youth Grants: Micro-grants for youth-led projects that are easy to apply for.

  • U of Mosaic Fellowship Program: Fellowship program for youth interested in promoting diversity and equity on their university campuses.

  • Toronto Environmental Alliance: Stay updated on environmental issues and action in Toronto.

  • Toronto Youth Cabinet: Join the youth advisory board to City Council, which is youth-led and aims to give youth a voice in civic affairs and policy development.

  • Our 2030: Youth Climate Lab: Youth labs to builds skills and solutions around the environment and the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Jr. Economic Club of Canada: Financial literacy programs that bring young people to the heart of Toronto’s financial district for day and week-long experiences (plus, reach out to the Economic Club of Canada for volunteer opportunities!).

Opportunities across Canada:

  • Canada Service Corps: National database for volunteer opportunities across Canada with built in personal development and perks.

  • Plan Canada Speakers Bureau: Platform for Canadians aged 14-24 who are passionate about advancing gender equality and girls’ rights to share their unique perspectives and solutions. Members meet monthly to develop their public speaking skills and learn more about how gender intersects with local and global issues.

  • Explore program: A free french immersion program for students that places you in a French community for the summer.

  • Katimavik: A community development immersion program that sends you across the country.

  • Canadian Roots Exchange: Community exchanges across the country between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

  • Jeanne Sauve Foundation Public Leadership Program: Based in Montreal, brings together international and Canadian youth to address global challenges (must be 25-30 years old).

  • Apathy is Boring RISE: RISE is designed to help young people find ways to co-create community projects and contribute in strengthening our civic and democratic fabric by engaging on topics that interest you.

Opportunities internationally:

  • International Development and Diplomacy Program (IDDIP): Fostering global citizenship in young Canadians by offering internships at UN offices around the world.

  • International Youth Internship Program (IYIP): Provides paid international work experiences in the social sector.

  • Girls 20 Global Summit: A yearly program that accepts young women delegates from around the world to attend the G20 international forum.

  • Aga Khan Foundation Canada Youth Fellowship: International development training program and eight-month overseas placement with a development agency.

  • Greenpreneurs: Online training program and global network of youth competing to take their green growth solution from idea to business plan.

  • WE Incubation Hub: social entrepreneurship programs for youth under 25 looking to make a difference using a business idea.

Other ways to get involved locally:

  • Party politics: Reach out to the provincial and/or federal riding association of the party you most align with. They’re always accepting new volunteers (election year, or not) to go door-to-door, phonebank, create graphics, and more.

  • On campus: Your school is an unending wealth of opportunity outside the classroom. If you learn to tap into it correctly, you could find yourself running projects, heading to incredible conferences, building your network, and more. Look into your student union, faculty society, interest groups, Senate, Board of Governors and incubation hubs. If you’ve graduated look into the alumni committee!

Know of a great program or opportunity we should include here? Have an idea on how we can support your and other Merit Award Alumni? Shoot us an email!


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